An Introduction to Cornwall

Across the bay you will find three miles of golden sand stretching north from the Hayle Estuary. And the most interesting fact about Cornwall of them all, Cornwall is not actually even in England. It’s a controversial subject but Cornwall has its own flag, and is considered a ‘home county’ – like Wales and Scotland.

The mining industry in Cornwall was a major driver of the local economy and provided jobs for thousands of people. As a mostly rural county, Cornwall naturally has a lot of farmers and farmland, with 4.9% of people in Cornwall working in agriculture. Flowers and vegetables such as cauliflowers are also produced in Cornwall and taken to be sold in English markets. There is also a lot of moorland parts of which are used for grazing sheep.

We’re here to help you make the most of this wonderful country, and to find great days out to suit your budget. No Poldark TV tour around the county as yet, but it’s a Cornwall fact that if you can make money out of the tourists from something, then someone will do it. Visit and you can also see Stuart House near here, where King Charles I stayed in the year 1644. Truro is the smallest city in the United Kingdom and is the third capital of Cornwall after Launceston and Lostwithei. If you like flowers and fauna, visit the amazing Eden Project on one of your days out in Cornwall to see even more plants, trees and fauna. Growing as long as a double decker bus, the basking shark is the world’s second largest fish , weighing up to seven tonnes and living for 50 years.

Padstow ‘Obby ‘Oss festival takes place on 1 May, the feast of Beltane to Celtic people. An anvil is sometimes used to symbolise Cornish nationalism, particularly in its more extreme forms. This is a reference to ‘Michael An Gof’, ‘the smith’, one of two leaders of the Cornish Rebellion of 1497. For information on public transport, including local bus timetables, once you are in Cornwall, Click here. National Express operate a full service into Cornwall as far as Penzance, Megabuss also go to a few towns including Newquay and Falmouth.

Cornwall was only sporadically occupied during the Palaeolithic, but people returned around 10,000 years ago in the Mesolithic, after the end of the last ice age. There is substantial evidence of occupation by hunter gatherers in this period. Rugby is considered the most popular sport in the county with the biggest club team in the county being the Cornish Pirates who play in the second level of the English rugby pyramid.

According to Léon Fleuriot, however, Cornwall remained closely integrated with neighbouring territories by well-travelled sea routes. Fleuriot suggests that an overland route connecting Padstow with Fowey and Lostwithiel served, in Roman times, as a convenient conduit for trade between Gaul and the western parts of the British Isles. It is one of the most popular counties to visit in England, with sunny beaches, exceptional ice creams, and a fascinating coastline. So, it’s no surprise many people flock to the south west coast, for summer and spring breaks or a weekend getaway. Levant Mine in St Just Mining DistrictMining of tin and copper was also an industry, but today the derelict mine workings survive only as a World Heritage Site.

The language is also used in official business, with the home of Cornwall Council being renamed from New County Hall to Lys Kernow and several of the region’s MPs using the language in the Houses of Parliament. These include Andrew George, Dan Rogerson, Sarah Newton and Scott Mann, who have all used the language, at various times, to swear their oaths of allegiance to the Queen. It has a population of around 21,000 people and is famous for it’s gothic architecture and paved streets.

Fishing, particularly of pilchards, and agriculture were important industries and today millions of holidaymakers and tourists generate significant revenues and employment in this fiercely independent county. Euchre is a popular card game in Cornwall, it is normally a game for four players consisting of two teams. Its origins are unclear but some claim it is a Cornish game, and was popularised in part by Cornish immigrants to the United States. Cornwall and its dramatic landscape and distinctive remoteness have produced and inspired many later artists. A number of London artists settled in the Newlyn area in the 1880s, following the building of the Great Western Railway, who went on to form the Newlyn School. In contrast to the situation in Wales, the churches failed to produce a translation of the Bible into the local language, and this has been seen by some as a crucial factor in the demise of the language.[by whom?

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