The 7 Best Dog Training Books of 2023

She’s also written The Happy Puppy Handbook for anyone training a new puppy. This book is also a “”furrific”” read for any pet parent seeking training advice for specific dog breeds. Overall, this guide to self-training a service dog will help pups behave better and follow a variety of commands after finishing Sullivan’s steps. In this DVD lecture, veterinarian and animal behaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar addresses one of the most worrying behavior problems any dog owner can face — dogs that fight. Truly special, most tricks involve projects, showing children how to make stuff, such as doggy doorbells, fleece leashes, personalized dog bowls, teeter-totters, and artworks.

Over time, your pup will naturally gravitate toward good behavior, seeking the reward. If you think you might want to be a professional dog trainer, these books are a good place to start. They explain various training methods, necessary training for you, and more. Kyra Sundance is a world-renowned dog trainer, lecturer and best-selling author, who aims to inspire dog owners to have fun and rewarding relationships with their pups.

If you just adopt a dog, it’s vital to begin training it as soon as possible to come, stay, sit, go to its crate, and fetch items for you. Fortunately, it’s something you can do yourself as a new dog owner. For this reason, many dog owners are turning to dog training books for information about dog behavior. Learning anything in life, we need a mix of theory and practice. When it comes to training dogs, the best approach is to arm yourself with as much information as you possibly can, and then with that knowledge react to the individual animal and situation you have in front of you.

A book promoting positive training methods that can be used to work out common behavior issues in dogs and other pets. Training your dog can be challenging, but it’s an important part of dog ownership. You don’t have to teach your dog a lot of elaborate tricks, but basic obedience is a must. For more tricks, you could look here

Zak’s bright and enthusiastic personality shines through the chapters – just what you need after feeling so desperate about your puppy’s howls when you leave them alone in the room for a few minutes. Overall, it’s a comprehensive puppy and dog training guide, with plenty of other tips besides tricks and life skills you will find useful on your journey with your pup. Thanks for sharing this information about best dog training books. Shelves and e-book sellers are full of dog training books, making finding a quality read that’ll actually help you and your dog tricky. Some are stuffing-filled finds, while others give outdated or downright dangerous advice.

This book is very to the point without rambling about personal anecdotes. It has no-nonsense, all-meat, no-fluff instructions on how to train a puppy. If this is your first time owning a puppy, then you’ll want to get this book. ‘Puppy Raising’, by canine behaviourist Di Williamson, goes through the key steps to choosing and training a young puppy, touching on socialisation and improving poor behaviour. As your puppy develops, teaching them different commands and improving their recall can even make play more rewarding for them and keep their brains stimulated.

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