Foldable Dog Swimming Pool Red 200×30 cm PVC

This well-priced paddling pool for dogs in an eye-catching red colourway covers all the bases. There are hours of watery fun to be had in this cute paddling pool for dogs. For first-timers, you’re going to have to lead by example, get in and try and get them to follow with some treats. It’s deep enough for a paddle and a seat for most breeds of dogs thanks to three different sizes.

Connect your water pipe to enable the sprinkler effect and watch your dog play in the showers. The overall size of the Best Dog Paddling Pools should be appropriate for both your dog and the garden space it’s going to be in. Dogs can’t cope with warm weather and heat as well as we humans hence dog pools are not only fun but a necessity for them. It’s because dogs don’t sweat and have to pant to get rid of the heat, plus their core temperature is already around 2 degrees higher than ours so they are already hotter.

This benefits two kinds of dogs – dogs who can’t exercise outside because of the heat and dogs who have mobility problems such as arthritis and hip dysplasia. Not all dogs can naturally swim but the pool doesn’t need to be deep for them to help them out. NON-SLIP AND STURDY – The inside of the hard plastic paddling pool inside is designed with a non-slip material. This bottom material is safe and non-toxic, durable, and scratch-resistant to enhance grip and make pool experience more enjoyable. The built-in 0.5cm thick high strength compressed WOOD board adds support, making the entire pool stronger and eliminating risk of collapse. You will also want to avoid getting a pool that takes over your entire garden because this can cause issues with other users of your garden such as your children.

Consider what you are most likely to use to pool for before choosing the one for you. This dog swimming pool is a cooling paradise for your dog, especially under the greatest heat in summer. The hard-wearing paddling pool is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The second benefit of a dog paddling pool is the exercise they get, it’s better known as “hydrotherapy”.

From our experience, a dog paddling pool should not take up more than half of the space of the garden it’s going to be in. However, paddling pools for dogs can be quite heavy and cumbersome as they’re made of stronger materials than paddling pools designed for humans. A dog paddling pool can be used as an exercise tool for dogs that need some extra activity. Dog paddling pools are also good for older dogs who have joint problems.

Although most shoppers will be looking at paddling pools in the summer months for their dogs the benefits are so great that it’s an ideal tool to have if you have the space for it. Dog paddling pools are a fantastic way to help cool dogs down during summer and to give them a different kind of exercise that they’re used to. They can also be used as a type of hydrotherapy for dogs with mobility problems. It’s also best to buy pools that are specifically meant for pets, rather than people (although people can use pet paddling pools, too!). A shallower version on a traditional paddling pool, this dog splash pad has an in built sprinkler to delight and cool both pets and children.

Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. The Pop Up Dog Paddling Pool features a galvanized spring steel frame that pops up and down in seconds. Made of durable double-wall polyester and shell that is PU coated and waterproof. As with any other product, you should supervise your pet when using this toy. Please check the product regularly for damage and replace the toy if it is defective or if parts are lost, otherwise the animal may be injured.

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