Reverse camera installation

By now you should have some idea if you can identify what each cable in your wire does. The video will almost always have a shield around it. The bare shield is the negative and you often find one of the other cores is also negative. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

Identify the positive and negative wires from the light source using a multimeter. With a few tweaks to the car’s rear and a couple of wire connections, you’ll never have to crane your neck backward to check if little Timmy is practicing Big Wheel donuts at the end of the driveway. The Drive’s crack How-To team is here to help walk you through the process.

Sorry to say, but the wiring diagram is not really incorrect. But it is never a good idea to feed 12V into a CPU which just expects a video signal. Make sure that the camera is installed the correct way , and check the position of the camera mounted. Take it back to the dealer that installed it and ask them to check the alignment and fit. After attaching your fuse, consider taping all your wires together using electrical tape to get them out of the way. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove each of the screws holding your rear license plate in place.

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Purchasing one made for your specific vehicle will make it easier to install than a standard aftermarket camera. So you can install it easily, look for a camera that mounts onto or directly behind your license plate. For the S-Type you must splice into the BLACK/RED wire coming from the Right-Hand reverse lamp cluster as shown here. This wire is extended up to the Red wire of the camera cable which is terminated in the boot lid near the camera connections. After that, there are two ways to install the camera. The first is to place it at the license plate light as shown in the figure below.

There may be a suitable signal at the body control module or cabin fuse box. Browse through amazing 7 pin Reverse Camera Wiring cable ranges at and get your products for affordable prices. These items are available as OEM orders along with customized packaging when ordered in bulk. This unit enables you to monitor the area to the rear of a bus, truck, caravan, RV etc, view a much wider field-of-view than any rear view mirror array and works in the dark with IR lighting. This will then carry the reverse trigger function to the rear of the car at the other end of the red wire in the camera cable, where we need to tap into the reversing lamp.

This will then run down the RCA wire to the rear of the car. Then you can connect the trigger wire at the other end to the +12V of the reversing light. Note that some cameras only have the reverse trigger wire open at one end, and the other end is hard-wired to the +12v connection. These will not work with the S-Type and X350 cars as the reverse trigger wire has to be pulled to 0V to activate. You can still use this type of camera by ignoring the included trigger wire and running a separate wire alongside the video cable, and use this for the reverse trigger instead, connected in accordance with the instructions below.

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