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Normally this is measured with a screen-to-body ratio. With companies pushing the display to higher and higher percentages, the Chinese company, Xiaomi, announced a phone with a screen-to-body ratio of 180.6%. The device can be turned around, where the user can take a selfie, using the back of the display to see themselves. The original Riga-made Minox had a brass chassis covered in a stainless steel shell, which telescopes to reveal or cover the lens and viewfinder windows, as well as to advance the film.

Which is needed to produce those fabulous sensors and chips. All I want to know is how much will the X-H2 with 40MP cost. This is also why I hope Nikon releases a full frame Zf soon to go along with the crop sensor Zfc.

Our picks change regularly, given that new phones launch all the time, but below you can find the latest rankings. We’ve ranked and rated the top performers from our extensive phone reviews in one definitive list. Synthetic benchmarks back up our experience and the phone performs exceptionally well. In the CPU-focussed AnTuTu benchmark, the Redmi K20 Pro managed to hit 372,205 points. In the GPU-centric 3DMark benchmark, the phone managed 5,417 points.

Did Jordan just call this ‘One of the best hybrid cameras ever made? I hope they make another X-A camera to replace the big screen, phone style control X-A7. That camera seemed a brilliant way to entice phone shooters into something better than a phone while largely retaining the spy camera with audio and night vision controls to which phone users are accustomed.

I am sure there will be very minor differences in feature-set between the upcoming X-H2hr and the X-T5 next year. I am sure it will be mostly the exact same camera just with the dials and buttons that X-T users love so much. But with two ‘X-H’ cameras in the lineup, a putative X-T5 no longer has to fly the flag for all of Fujifilm’s stills and video ambitions.

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